About Us

Our Story

Food2U Catering is a Hobart-based catering service that provides a wide range of modern and classic dishes for any occasion. With over a decade of experience in the catering industry, Food2U has built a reputation for delivering high-quality catering to a variety of customers in the corporate, small business, and government sectors.

Some of the prestigious clients we have catered for include the University of Tasmania, Network Gaming (The Federal Group), Hobart City Council, The Local Government Association of Tasmania, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Cadbury-Mondelez, and TasWater. We also offer retail products such as cakes, lasagnas, and quiches to selected local providers, including Hill Street Stores, for take-away sale.

At Food2U, we pride ourselves on creating a unique culinary experience for our customers that is based on the quality and integrity of our products. We make most of our products from scratch using the freshest ingredients available. From our pasta, chutneys, sauces, mayonnaise, lavosh bread, pastries, jams, cakes, and stocks to our meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy goods, and bread, we source locally.

We offer a variety of menu options that can cater to the budget needs of all customers without compromising on the quality of our food. We are transparent about our costs and do not charge any hidden fees. We make sure our “extras” such as delivery, public holiday surcharges, and service costs are quoted up front and individually itemised on your bill for clarity.

At Food2U, we are also flexible in accommodating the dietary requirements of our customers. We can cater to vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free meals as well as those with egg and nut allergies, those on weight loss diets, and the special needs of religious groups.

Lastly, we can deliver our food to any location that our customers choose. So whether you’re planning a corporate event or a private party, Food2U Catering is your one-stop-shop for all your catering needs. Choose us today and experience the finest culinary delights Hobart has to offer.