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At Food2u, we believe that exquisite bites can elevate any event. Therefore, we have revamped our canapé menu to entice your taste buds with an array of flavors and textures. Our thoughtfully curated selection combines modern australian influences, international inspirations, and timeless classics, ensuring a memorable culinary experience for all.

Minimum order is 30 of each item.

Canapés can be delivered, picked up or cooked on site.

Classic Eats– $ 3.5 each


Californian roll – avocado, cucumber, or smoked salmon. (GF)

Each roll is delicately garnished with cucumber and spring onion, guaranteeing a burst of freshness in every bite.

Chicken liver pate on crouton with orange

Savor the richness of our chicken liver pâté, complemented by the zesty notes of fresh orange and the refreshing crunch of bean sprouts.

Salmon roulades with crème cheese and cucumber

Unleash your senses with the velvety texture of smoked salmon, tangy sour cream, and crisp cucumber, artfully crafted into a bite-sized delicacy.

Smashed avocado, cherry tomato with persian fetta on toast(V)

Enjoy the combination of creamy smashed avocado, juicy tomato, and the nuanced saltiness of feta cheese on a crunchy toast.

Smoked Trout Mousse Tartlets with Salmon Caviar

Experience indulgence with every bite as velvety smoked trout mousse meets delicate salmon caviar, crowned on a crisp tartlet.

Melon and prosciutto with quality mozzarella (GF)

Tantalizingly sweet melon pairs flawlessly with savory prosciutto and premium mozzarella, creating a refreshing and gluten-free delight.

San Marino Prosciutto, Bean Sprouts, and Cream Cheese on Crispy Bread

Immerse yourself in a medley of San Marino prosciutto, crunchy bean sprouts, and luscious cream cheese layered on crispy bread for a textural marvel.

Tasmania Mushroom ,fetta,and cherry tomatoes on tarts (V)

Embrace the earthy flavors of roasted Tasmanian mushrooms, tangy feta cheese, and juicy cherry tomatoes harmoniously nestled on a vegetarian-friendly tart.

Grilled Tasmanian Shrimps and Olives with Cucumber on Crispy Bread

Savor the tantalizing combination of succulent grilled Tasmanian shrimps, briny olives, and cool cucumber, all atop a satisfyingly crisp bread base.


Quiche – pumpkin and fetta (V), or Lorraine

Delight your palate with a choice of our savory quiches: the velvety combination of pumpkin and feta, or the classic of Lorraine.

Traditional pork sausage rolls served with food2u tomato relish

Experience the comfort of a homemade favorite as our flaky pastry envelopes flavorful pork sausage, served alongside our signature tomato relish.

Onion Bhaji and Cheese Ball Skewers with Mint Yogurt (V)

 Enjoy the delightful pairing of crispy onion bhaji, savory cheese balls, and refreshing mint yogurt, skillfully skewered for your convenience.

Tomato Tartlet with Capsicum, Olives, and Pesto (V) 

Delight in the vibrant medley of flavors as juicy tomatoes, roasted capsicum, tangy olives, and fragrant pesto unite on a crisp tartlet.

Potato Cakes (GF) 

The smoky aroma of baked bacon, harmonized with the freshness of green peas, and enjoy the indulgence of our golden potato cakes.

Mushroom and Leek Flavoured Risotto Balls (GF, V)

Elevate your taste buds with these gluten-free, vegetarian risotto balls infused with rich mushroom and leek flavors.

Satay Chicken Sticks with Peanut Sauce (GF)

Immerse yourself in the authentic taste of tender satay chicken paired with a luscious peanut dipping sauce, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite.

Fish Cake with Sweet Chili Sauce

Enjoy the succulent textures and savory aroma of a perfectly seasoned fish cake, complemented by a tangy sweet chili sauce for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Crispy Tempura Prawns with Fresh Lemon and Chilli Mayo

Indulge in the delicate crunch of golden-brown tempura prawns, perfectly accompanied by zesty lemon and a spicy chili mayo dip.

Spice-Marinated Beef Skewers with Cherry Tomato and Sweet Chutney

Crispy Chicken Wings with Fresh Lemon and Garlic Mayonnaise

Gourmet Cold Choices– $4.50 each

Tart filled coriander Crab meat ball and sour cream with fresh thyme

Roast mushed and Eye fillet with pepper crust with horseradish cream en croute

Chinese BBQ crispy pork served on crispy wanton with cucumber and tomato, soy wasabi mayonnaise

Peking duck, cucumber and Asian style pancake roll with plum sauce

Oyster platter – natural, ginger and soy with fresh lemon

Gourmet Brioche Sliders –  $4.5 each

Pulled pork with coleslaw and apple chutney

South fried Chicken with grilled pineapple and greens

Creamy Curried egg with cucumber and greens

Tasmania brie with honey ham in salad

Dessert – $4.00 each

Panne cotta with raspberry coulis

Double chocolate cake with fresh berries.

Soft orange almond cake topped with crispy flaked almond – gluten free winner

New York cheesecake slices

Sweet tart with fresh cream and seasonal fruit

Party food – individual packed– $8.00 each

Crispy chicken, mini spring rolls, green salad with honey soy glaze *(GF)

Stir-fry of mushrooms and tofu with noodles ( V) *

Mini fish &chips With fresh lemon and tartar sauce (GF) *

Food2u crispy chicken /Malaysia chicken curry with rice (GF) *

Risotto with tomato, capsicum and olive oil (GF, V) *

BBQ port with spicy mayo in Chinese soft bun

Soft cooked salmon and green beans with fresh lemon salad (GF)