Platters & Boxes


Cheese platter with dried nuts, dried fruit, quince paste and food2u crakers(10-15ppl)– $70.00

Fruit platter seasonal  (10-15ppl)– $60.00

Cheese and fruit platter  (10-15ppl) – $65.00

Sandwich points (10-15ppl) – selection of traditional favorites – $100

Antipasto – prosciutto, salami, marinated vegetables, ham, and olives, dips – $85

Dips-crudités and olives served with food2u dips and pita bread – $55

Hot Boxes

  • Hot savory box 1 (45 items) – Fish cakes, vegetarian balls, vegetarian spring rolls, Spanish&cheese filo. – $75
  • Hot savory box 2 (45) –Mini salmon Patties, Cheese filo, Mini vegetarian samosa. Selected quiches–$85
  • Hot savory box 3 (45 items)– food2u hand-made sausage roll with tomato relish, beef party pies, selected quiches – $105
  • Hot savory box 4(55 items) – Onion bhaji, vegetarian filo, Cheese mozzarella sticks, beef party pies–$95
  • Hot savory box 5(55 items) –Chicken balls garlic, vegetarian spring rolls, Mini salmon patties, food2u hand-made sausage roll with tomato relish – $105
  • Hot savory box 6 (45 items) – chicken tenders breast, falafel bites, frittata– $85 (GF)
  • Savory box 7 (45 items) – falafel bites, frittata, selected sushi – $85(GF$V)
  • Savory box 8 (25 items) – Rice paper roll, selection of sushi – $65 (GF&V)
  • Hot Vegetarian Box 1(45items) – Pumpkin and Spanish fritters, mini vegetarian samosa, mixed vegetarian spring rolls, spinach, and fetta triangles–$95(V)
  • Hot Vegetarian Box 2(35items) –Cheese mozzarella balls, felafel bites, mini vegetarian patties, Cheese filo–$85(V)
  • Vegan Box(35items) –felafel bites, rice paper roll, selected sandwiches–$70(vegan)

Canapé Box (Seasonal, may vary on a regular basis)

  • Canapé Box 1(32items)-Smashed avo tomato with fetta on croutons/Smoked Salmon with sour cream and cucumber/Devil eggs boats – $85
  • Canapé Box 2 (32items, GF)–Melon and prosciutto with quality mozzarella ,Californian roll – a variety-avocado, cucumber or salmon, cucumber and spring onion /Tasmania prawn rice paper rolls–$95 
  • Canapé Box 3 (36items)–Chicken breast and avocado topped with greens on tarts/Salami and bocconcini skewers with olives, sundried tomatoes/ San Marino Prosciutto , bean sprouts with cream cheese on crispy bread–$95
  • Canapé Box 4 (36 items,GF)–Roast white mushroom and cherry tomato on tats/ Antipasto and bocconcini skewers with olives, sundried tomatoes/ Smashed avo tomato with fetta – $85 

Cheer Boxes

  • Cheers Box 1 (10-13ppl) – Halloumi sticks, Fried Chicken Wings, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, Mini Spring Rolls – $95
  • Cheers Box 2 (10-13ppl) – Satay Chicken skewers, Fish cakes, Mozzarella Cheese sticks, Beer-Battered Onion Rings, Mini Sausage Rolls – $105

Sweet Boxes

  • Sweet box 1 (30 items) – Mixture of Danish pastries, cakes slices – $65
  • Sweet box 2 (42 items) –Double Chocolate cakes, orange & almond cake slices – $85(GF)
  • Sweet box 3 (45 items) –Danish pastries, scones with jams, biscuits and cakes – $95
  • Sweet box 4(42 items) –Caramel slices, cake slices, Baked almond croissants, biscuits. –$105

Mini Bun Box

  • Brioche sliders 1 (24items/36 items) BBQ shredded chicken, greens/Smashed Avo with egg, cheese, greens–$105/$155
  • Brioche sliders 2 (24items/36 items) –Smashed Avo with egg, cheese greens /Falafel, beetroot, Cheese, Greens–$105/$155 (V)
  • Brioche sliders 3 (24items/36 items) –Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avo, Dill, Greens –$125/$185(V)

Individual package and any Special Dietary Options please allow an additional $3pp.

Delivery charges may apply.

Delivery and Pickup

Extra charges apply for weekends – 15% surcharge for Saturdays and 20% surcharge for Sundays and public holidays.